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We offer services such as wireless Printer set up, data recovery, and even physical computer repair!


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Computers are vital to almost every aspect of our daily tasks in our modern world. But like every other machine, they sometimes develop faults and need to be repaired or maintained. These faults can range from computer freeze up, to broken laptop, to slow loading page, etc. 

In typical computer repairs, the faulty computer device is taken to a repair shop for identification and troubleshooting of the fault. However, it is not always convenient to leave your physical location just to get your computer repaired or maintained. This explains the need for remote computer repair, where you do not need to take the faulty computer device to a physical repair shop. And because this repair as to be done without physically touching the device, it is vital to contact only experts with relevant experience to get the repair done.

About Us

Pearland Remote Computer Repair is the leading provider of remote computer repair services in this city and it’s environs, with several years in business and a trail of happy customers. With our team of well experienced and highly trained computer experts, we offer services such as wireless Printer set up, data recovery, and even physical computer repair. We take a customized approach to your needs and make sure to deliver services that will ensure your computer works seamlessly for as long as possible.

Our Services

Taking into account the broad range of issues that could arise on/in a computer, we have designed our services to cover major areas as it relates to providing top-notch computer services. We handle services for both individual customers and businesses. Customer satisfaction is vital to us so we take care to deliver thorough services that meet and even exceed customer’s expectations. We offer services in Pearland TX and even beyond since we offer remote services. We handle both hardware and software issues such as laptop & tablet repair, wireless network setup, and software, virus, malware services.

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Remote Computer Repair Pearland

Remote Computer Repair

During remote computer repair, the computer expert will perform computer evaluation and computer repair wirelessly. It is not always convenient to leave your current location to go fix a computer fault or resolve an issue. Invalids, nursing mothers, small business owners, and almost any individual will find this service very useful. Generally, it faster and helps to save time and logistics costs that would have been incurred in visiting a physical repair shop.

Laptop & Tablet Repair

In these modern times of increasing mobility, laptops and tablets are becoming more common and more necessary for a wide range of uses. They are necessary tools to carry out tasks and receive information on the go. Laptops and tablets by their size and unique features such as touchscreens require unique solutions to their issues, and that is what we offer through tablet repairs and laptop fixing services.

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Software Virus Malware Services Pearland
In Shop Repair Services Pearland

Software, Virus, Malware Services

Software refer to the programs being used by a computer system for its operations or tasks. Viruses and malware are software that disrupt and fraudulently gain access into a computer system or network of computers. Installation, maintenance, and update of the proper and necessary software are vital to the smooth operation of a computer system. Also, the prevention and removal of viruses and malware are very necessary for the security of the computer data and their optimal operation. We remove computer viruses, remove malware, remove spyware, and install anti-virus software.

In-Shop Repair Services

Certain faults require that the computer be brought physically for in-shop repairs. For example, at times when there is a broken computer or a need for computer screen repair. This allows our experts to get their hands on the computer system and try various solutions, as well as discover any other faults that may exist but may not be immediately obvious to the customer. It also eliminates the chances of error arising from the customer pressing the wrong buttons or clicking on the wrong file, when being remotely directed by our experts.

Business Computer Repair Pearland
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Business Computer Repair

Business computer repair services are vital to the smooth running of an organization. We offer regular hardware and software maintenance and repairs, covering several issues such as computer crashes, wireless Printer set up, data recovery, and anti-virus software installation. We also offer a range of services like Mac repair, Windows repair, and computer security setup. In addition, we resolve issues with servers, computer printers, etc. and offer technical recommendations on the best tools and processes for your business.

Wireless Network Setup

In today’s modern world, many users want to have multiple devices connected to the network and want the freedom of mobility to move around while their devices are still connected to the network. This is only possible with a wireless network. We offer services in network configuration, and wireless network setup. We help you choose and install the best router for you based on a number of factors and then help you in configuring the router and in connecting it to your devices.

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Pearland Remote Computer Repair

We offer services such as wireless Printer set up, data recovery, and even physical computer repair!

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