Pearland In-Shop Repair Services

For when there is need to physically come to the shop with your computer.

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In Shop Repair Services Pearland

Our physical office is open for clients and customers to come to us with their challenges. We repair and handle almost any kind of computer and ICT related problems at our office. Our shop boasts of the latest tools and technologies to facilitate repairs and diagnosis. The shop was designed to have several tens of repairs going on at the same time. We try our best to ensure a turn around time of a few days no matter the issue. Pearland Remote Computer Repair also offers consultation services to provide solutions to your particular needs.


We do physical inspections, hardware tests, software diagnostics, operating system diagnostics, and preliminary malware and virus scans to check for infections. Based on our findings, we can then recommend solutions to your challenges or computer faults. This diagnosis will help show corrupt files, junk files, unnecessary programs or adware, etc.

Hardware Parts

We have a large inventory of different computer and computer accessory parts. They include mice, keyboards, cables, storage devices to mention but a few. If for any reason the part you need is not available, we can make a special order for that specific part. We also sell fairly used parts and accessories if that is your preference. We also handle the installation of hardware and configuration of the applicable drivers for the hardware that is installed. We do repair and replacement of parts such as screens, trackpads, and any other faulty or broken part of the device.

Software & Data Services

The system may be slow because of too many programs trying to run at the same time or due to the presence of too many unnecessary files in the system. We can optimize the browsers, clean up the disks, and even physically clean the device to remove dust. There may be a need to upgrade or reinstall the operating system of a device.  We offer these services as well as a transfer of old files to the new operating system. We also update drivers and other components where necessary. We offer software upgrades for almost every variety of software. Also, we can recover files and data from your old device if the hard drive is intact, and transfer it to a new one. We also have a variety of external hard drives we can recommend to you for your backup solutions. Also, cloud solutions offer a very solid backup for data and we help in setting up your cloud storage services.

Virus and Malware Issues

At our offices, we run a thorough scan for malware and viruses. We then offer virus and malware removal services to clean your computer. We also remove programs installed by malicious software, revert any changes caused by the virus or malware, and install the necessary security patches. After that, we update any necessary software to ensure optimal security against attacks and then install or update the appropriate anti-virus for the protection of the computer system. We also offer advanced malware and virus cleanup services.

Pearland Remote Computer Repair

We offer services such as wireless Printer set up, data recovery, and even physical computer repair!

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