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Remote computer repairs are becoming more common and are now the preferred choice by a large number of customers. At Pearland Remote Computer Repair, we know how frustrating having computer problems can be especially in the middle of a major project. Sometimes you just need to get the problem fixed as fast as practically possible so you can continue your task. No matter where you may be, as far as you have a connection to the internet, we can diagnose and repair your computer remotely. We offer services such as operating system error fixes, removal of temporary files, removal of cache files, installation of anti-virus, virus removal, malware removal, pop up removal, browser clean up and fixing, etc. 

Once you can grant us remote access to your computer system via a secure link, you can sit back and watch us effect the necessary repairs in a matter of minutes or hours. A point to note is that the price for each kind of repair is fixed, no matter how long it takes us.

Network Problems

Slow internet speed is a common problem that can be resolved remotely. It may be due to viruses or spyware on the computer system. With remote computer access, our experts can diagnose the system and install or configure things as they deem necessary to resolve the problem. Also, WiFi connectivity problems are another set of issues that we can easily fix remotely.

Slow Computer

A slow computer can be frustrating. This can be the result of a virus or a failed update that is still running in the background or a faulty application, or maybe the computer needs a good cleaning of its files or it may be a case of a hard drive with very little space left or some apps are silently running in the background. Sometimes you may find the computer may be frozen or keeps randomly rebooting itself. This may be because the system drivers may be outdated. These are issues that can be resolved remotely.

Data Back up

We know that computer hard drives can sometimes fail and lead to the loss of important files. Thus, the need to back up the data on your computer to more than one location, such as to the cloud or an external hard drive or both. However, for people who are not tech-savvy, this can be a bit of a challenge. Through remote access, our IT experts can easily assist you in performing the computer backup.

Computer Accessories

Sometimes other computer accessories such as printers may not be working properly. This may be because of issues with the drivers for the printer on your computer. Issues such as this can easily be resolved remotely. Our experienced IT experts can easily decipher what the problem is and direct you on what needs to be done or how to go about resolving it. Also, if a software is required to solve the problem, our experts can remotely install the software on your computer.

Pearland Remote Computer Repair

We offer services such as wireless Printer set up, data recovery, and even physical computer repair!

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