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Software refers to programs and instructions used by a computer for certain tasks. We take into consideration the nature of the client’s needs and tasks when recommending or deciding on the appropriate software to be used or installed for the client. A virus is a computer program that has the ability to modify other computer programs and affect its performance. A malware is a software that intentionally causes damage to a computer, computer network, or server. 

At Pearland Remote Computer Repair, we recognize the need to provide adequate software for use for different purposes as well as protect that software against invasion from viruses and malware, by provisions of anti-viruses and regular software updates. We also provide virus and malware removal services.

Software Provision

Software are typically of two kinds, system software, and application software. System software are those that run on a computer’s hardware and provide the platform for other types of software to work. The most popular example is the operating system of a computer. Application software are those that perform certain functions for the user. Common examples are spreadsheets, graphic design software, presentation software, etc. We offer software solutions for our clients taking into consideration compatibility with their devices, security from theft and unauthorized access, ease of use, performance, and of course the functionality.

Software Update

Our software update and upgrade services are very vital and seek to provide many solutions at once. Updating and upgrading your software to the latest version is necessary for several reasons. Updating is necessary to protect against malware which typically targets the loopholes in existing versions of a software, so when updates are released they help patch these security flaws When you update a software you also get to benefit from the new features that have been added to ensure a more enjoyable experience and solve more challenges. Also, support for the older version of the software might end.


Computer viruses cause system failures, corrupt data, and assist in the stealing of personal information. They can, therefore, cause irreparable damage to files, disrupt system operations, and in some instances completely halt activities. We provide services to protect against and remove viruses. These include anti-virus software, recovery strategies, and methods, virus removal, operating system reinstallation, etc. We recognize the high cost of viruses to computer and business operations and thus put in our utmost best when providing solutions to combat this.


The presence of malware may be suspected by observations such as slow computer performance and a sudden increase in pop-ups on the screen. Malware programs are used for a variety of functions such as, to steal personal information like credit card numbers and passwords; steal business information; steal financial information or even disrupt the operation of certain software or server. It is therefore necessary to protect your computer from such attacks or infection. Thus, we offer malware removal, and malware protection and prevention services. This will greatly improve the performance of your computer and protect your personal information from theft.

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