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Laptops & Tablets offer many conveniences because of their flexibility and portability. Our laptop & tablet services cover all services and repairs that ensure that your laptop and/or device remains at optimal working conditions. These include both hardware and software solutions and repairs. We recognize how vital these devices are in the daily operations of our clients and so we are here to ensure that all is well with them for the benefit of our clients and their businesses. At Pearland Remote Computer Repair, we handle repairs both remotely and in-shop depending on the kind of fault.


With how integral laptops have become to our personal and business affairs, they must be maintained in perfect working order. The mobility and flexibility that laptops offer cannot be overemphasized. We repair all kinds of laptop problems such as overheating, faulty keyboard, system crash, viruses and malware, short-lasting battery, broken screen, motherboard issues, inability to connect to the internet, blank screen, inability to turn on, random freezing and shutting down, inability to charge, etc. We ensure you have a smooth-running experience and are able to carry out any task you want conveniently.


Tablets are a common device in today’s modern world for a number of reasons. They are ideal for young children as they may be too young to own smartphones and also there are a lot of educational and kid-friendly apps available these days. They are also useful for reading for those who prefer portable bigger screens. They can also be used for large-screen drawings and taking notes. But to enjoy all of these benefits the tablet has to be in good working condition. Common problems with tablets include touchscreen problems, battery problems particularly as the batteries are made non-removable, overheating of the tablet, problems with charging the tablet, or even a broken screen. If you have experienced any of these, then reach out to us immediately.


The cost of the repairs for different laptops and tablets depends on a number of factors such as the brand, the part of the laptop that is faulty, how long the repair will take, the specifications of the laptop or tablet, the make and model of the laptop or tablet, the cost of the needed hardware or software, the extent of damage, etc. As a credible company in our field, we deliver the best quality of repairs at the agreed price.


When there is a need for your laptop or tablet to be replaced, we offer you the best recommendations based on your needs and our knowledge of the available devices in the market. Some factors that may be considered in choosing a replacement for your laptop include; the screen size and type, this will depend on your needs and profession; your budget; the operating system; the storage space available; the RAM and the processor, these determine the kind of tasks that can be conveniently run on the device; the battery; the connectivity / USB ports; the brand, etc.

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We offer services such as wireless Printer set up, data recovery, and even physical computer repair!

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