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Wireless networks are becoming increasingly common and are being adopted by more and more people. Given the numerous benefits over wired networks, this is no surprise. Pearland Remote Computer Repair offers wireless network setup services for your home or office. This will help increase flexibility in your workplace as workers do not need to sit at a particular place while at work. It will also eliminate the need for installation of numerous cables which can cause tripping and constitute a workplace hazard, and which some landlords of commercial buildings do not allow anymore.

Setting up a wireless network can also be an attraction to your customers at your business place as they get to use the service for the duration they are at your place.

Choosing the Router

The first vital step to setting up your wireless network is choosing the router. There are a number of factors to be considered in choosing the most appropriate router for you. One such factor is the distance between the router and the devices that will be connected to it. Others are the data transfer speed that affects how much data can be moved between two computers over the network, the amount of signal interference from existing devices, and of course the security. Based on our experience and knowledge of the latest products in the market, we will guide you through these factors and help you in deciding on the best fit for you.

Installing the Router

After the choice of the appropriate router has been made, it needs to be connected to your modem using an appropriate cable. Our experts will handle this for you. You may also want to set up the wireless router before connecting any wireless devices to it. We will do all of these for you are we deem necessary to ensure a stable connection.

Configuring the Router

Configuring the router can be a very tricky business for those who are not tech-savvy, as not all routers come with a router software to install, and then choose the name you want and set up the security. In a case where there is no installation software for the router, we can connect the router’s configuration page through your browser. There is a lot of settings to be done and information to be provided so this is best handled by experts to avoid errors. After all other necessary settings, we will also advise you on the best location to place your router for the best signal possible.

Connecting to the Router

Once we are done connecting the router, we help you test the connection to ensure everything is working fine. We use any available device to search for the network, if a password has been set up, we ask you to input the password, and then we try using the internet to ensure it works fine. If for any reason something is not working fine, we will know what to check for possible causes of the error and fix them.

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